About the Team

Stella Maya

Yogateacher, Ayurveda health consultant, Yogatherapist

  • born 1977 in Vratsa, Bulgaria
  • at the age of 13 started intensive in climbing in vrachanski balkan
  • by climbing and confrontation with the death , stellas spiritual search has begun
  • started to practice yoga, pranayama,  mediation, interessted in buddhism, Patanjali
  • study of art pedagogy at university in Sofia
  • different performance art projects e.g. butoh dance – meditative kind of movement based on japanese zen buddhism
  • moved to germany in age of 20 and studied social work
  • art projects, exhibitions, combined art with social work (www.insomnium.org)
  • mother of 3 wonderful children
  • since 12 years student of Swami Shiva Shankar, Rishikesh, India www.shivashankara.com
  • Spiritual travel to India, Tibet, Nepal
  • founder of yoga and ayurveda center in Dresden, Germany www.mayayoga.de
  • founding member of Ananda-Spirit Festival team www.anandaspirit.com
  • after 20 years in Germany moved back to Sofia
  • founding of yoga and ayurveda center in Sofia


  • 2 Years Yoga teacher training and certified Yogateacher BYV
  • 2 Years Ayurveda health consultant training Yoga Vidya Germany www.yoga-vidya.de
  • 1,5 Years Yoga therapy training www.yoga-vidya.de
  • spiritual healing training, ongoing
  • diploma degree art pedagogy, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • diploma degree social pedagogy, Dresden, Germany


Motto based on Swami Shivanandas statement: “Serve Love Give, meditate realize, purify”